Who is this guy, anyway?

Christopher Robinson is a writer, filmmaker, equestrian, and web geek from the great Republic of Texas.

He currently writes satire, produces online videos, consults on digital marketing strategies, and develops websites in Dallas.

Along his travels, Christopher studied Radio-Television-Film and Advertising at The University of Texas at Austin and rode off into many sunsets to explore far lands: NYC and LA.

In New York City, he wrote blurbs for Penguin, content for CBS, and sketches for off-Broadway productions.

In Hollywood, he analyzed and wrote screenplays for Martin Sheen and Arthur Allan Seidelman, wrote international ad campaigns for Star Wars and X-Men, and had the pleasure of going through The Second City of Los Angeles Comedy Writing Program.

After securing peace treaties and trade deals with coastal tribes and tradesmen, Christopher two-stepped back home to Texas because it's the only place truly blessed with an ever-abundant supply of Bibles, guns, and bacon.



INTJ Director and Creative with strengths in: Strategic, Achiever, Learner, Ideation, and Individualization.

Sources: Myer's Brigg Personality Indicator Profile, DISC Profile, and Strengths Finder 2.0 Assessments